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Our mission is to cultivate an intrinsic love of learning while providing
flexibility in scheduling and personalized curriculum
for students who are pursuing their forté.




"What do I want to be when I grow up?"

Students may or may not know the answer to this. 
Either way, we will discuss student strengths and what options there are for a student with that particular profile.
We will map out what courses and extra-curricular activities students should take to reach their short term and long term academic goals.



A La Carte Tutor

  • 1 hour sessions

This is ideal for students who are attending a public or private school and in need of subject area support.
Some students simply need someone to explain material to them in a different way or a little more practice with a particular concept. This allows students to develop their skills at seeing problems from different angles and formulating their own solutions. Sessions are used to fill in the gaps and answer questions. 

Monthly Mentor

  • Month long support
  • 2-3 sessions a week
  • Unlimited texting and emailing

With a monthly mentor, students have just enough support if they come across a more challenging unit in a class. This package is for students who need a more consistent level of support in one or more subject areas. Time is spent getting homework completed, preparing for quizzes and tests, or completing long term projects. Our instructors will also provide a high level of executive functioning support, which will enable them to be better at planning, decision-making, and self-control. 

Tri-Month Trainer

  • Quarter/Semester long support
  • 2-3 sessions a week
  • Unlimited texting, emailing, and FaceTiming/Skyping

Navigating the ever-changing academic demands can be challenging and we can commit to supporting our students throughout the year. We will be there from start to finish of a quarter in order to provide the consistent level of support for success. With this level of commitment, we are able to coach students on a deeper level ranging from planning long term projects modeling after our instructor. We also serve as an advocate and liaison with students' teachers because as we know, it takes a village to raise a child successfully.



We may not know exactly what lies ahead for our students in the future, but we have the advantage of knowing what skills they will need once they get there. We like and appreciate different things, so our educators carefully nurture and develop their students’ creativity and imagination. We teach them which things are appropriate in which situations without making them feel like their ideas are wrong or bad. Our students learn to be comfortable with the idea of change and to adapt to the changes around them.


  • 4+ classes 15 hours per week


  • 3- classes
  • 1 class (18 hours)
  • 2 classes (36 hours)
  • 3 classes (54 hours)

Step 1 Consultation

Come in for a consultation. We assess each student and determine what program and schedule will work best.

Step 2 Pick a curriculum

We have a close relationship with a fully-accredited (WASC and NCAA) online-public school (California Virtual Academy and Inspire).

We also have a long-time partnership with the fully-accredited (WASC and NCAA) online-private school (Laurel Springs). Laurel Springs School is a fully accredited private online school serving students in kindergarten through twelfth grade. Laurel Springs is pleased to partner with My Forté Learning to help meet the needs of their students. Laurel Springs has decades of experience creating solutions for students that honor each child's individual learning style and educational needs.

Step 3 Orientation

Meet and greet with your instructor to set your end date and attend an orientation!

Scholarships available! 
Contact us to learn how and apply.