Bridging the Classroom & Life


Learning with a My Forté instructor is not limited to the confines of a classroom. Our students are learning how the Common Core Standards are part of their everyday lives. 

One middle school student is currently learning the concept of positive and negative values by running her own store on an online resale store. She is visiting stores, and purchasing things that she believes will sell at a higher value as well as designing her online store presence. This math lesson has cross-curricular connections with various other subjects such as english, economics, as well as more creative subjects like photography and writing. 

By having the autonomy to design her own store, she is gaining a valuable experience and mastering a skill most middle schoolers don't have the opportunity to in a traditional classroom. 

We design our days to consist of active experiences that ultimately result in individuals who love learning about the world around them. Our elite athletes and artists are preparing to be tomorrow's leaders and entrepreneurs.

Lena Liu