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Supporting Your Child's Forté

My Forté students receive a tailored education.

Students at My Forté receive a personalized education that is designed to promote and nurture a love of learning. All of our instructors take students' interests and strengths into consideration when planning their lessons.

My Forté students are recognized as having a variety of skill sets.

At My Forté, we engage students to become active participants, problem solvers, and planners who construct their knowledge through play, direct experience, and social interactions. Our belief is that if you cater the instruction to the unique needs of each student, the student will grow to be a lifelong learner beyond the confines of the classroom. 



Partnering With Schools

My Forté students receive their own learning coach.

Due to the increasing demands and limited resources at traditional schools, students frequently seek out external support to supplement learning. We provide in-person and remote tutoring all across the greater Los Angeles area.

My Forté students can piece together a traditional school experience with a home school experience. 

Our partnerships with schools allow students the option to study part-time, and combine a traditional school experience (eg. prom, plays, sports) with taking more challenging class(es) with a My Forté instructor.
Part-time students receive approval from their schools to withdraw from their class and take the class(es) with a My Forté instructor. By taking more challenging classes with My Forté, students benefit from personalized instruction while receiving transferable credit.




Maximizing Time & Effort

My Forté students are learning to plan and be efficient.

Students working full-time with My Forté have the freedom to choose their schedule, what subject they'd like to cover each day, and location at which they'd like to have their class(es). Our approach also gives students the option to focus their time on the subject(s) they enjoy, fostering a love of learning. 

My Forté students have the opportunity to pursue their fortés while receiving the best education possible.

Our students include entrepreneurs, athletes, and artists as well as students who simply thrive in a non-traditional learning environment.