Lena Liu

Lena is an award winning educator with over 10-years’ experience in public, charter, and private schools. Lena received her Bachelor’s of Science degree in Psychobiology from UCLA. Driven by her love of teaching, she applied and was accepted into one of the nation’s top public education programs, UCLA’s Teacher Education Program. It was there where she received her elementary education multiple-subject credential and her Master’s in Education. 

She served as a K-6 elementary school teacher in the heart of Los Angeles for 5 years. Lena then teamed up with fellow UCLA colleagues and founded New Los Angeles Charter school. During her time at New Los Angeles, she learned the operations of a school, from choosing curriculum to planning activities and ordering supplies.

After two years as a middle school math teacher, Lena moved into the private sector and worked as an Academic Manager for various students in the West Los Angeles area. She was later hired to be the homeschool teacher for a high profile family with a Junior in High School. Lena taught all subjects using the distance learning program of choice and also tutored in the evenings. Earning accolades as a top Academic Manager, Lena was promoted to be the Director of Education and Learning Center Director and quickly learned the ropes of running an educational services company. She grew the company and forged close ties with the Westside community of students and parents. After 3 years, Lena moved to a private school as the Campus Director and ran the 6-12 school. She developed a solid understanding of middle school and high school requirements, as well as the intricacies of the college admittance process. She led professional development trainings for her team of teachers, consulted with parents to design customized academic plans, and advocated for students with learning challenges.

Lena stays abreast of the latest developments in education and neuroscience and regularly attends industry conferences and workshops. As one of the top educational consultants in Los Angeles, Lena advises schools and companies, navigating the ever-changing demands in the field of education. Lena has completed coursework in a school psychology program, and has extensive experience in reading IEPs and neuropsychological evaluations, which are customized assessments of the Brain-Behavior Relationship through measures of: Attention, Memory, Language, Visual, and Executive Function.

Most recently, Lena earned her single-subject credential in Mathematics.
With her multiple-subject credential and single-subject credential, you can find her onset on commercials, tv shows, and movies teaching child actors.